CEREC® (Ceramic) Fillings

The CEREC® (ceramic) Fillings with 'Omnicam 3D Technology' will give you a beautiful and natural smile. CEREC® (ceramic) Fillings can be completed in just one visit.

CEREC (Ceramic) Fillings

CEREC® has improved millions of smiles around the world. CEREC ® has completely eliminated messy impressions and laboratory work required for dental restorations. These restorations would take up to several weeks and require a series of dental appointments. With CEREC® technology, the restoration can now be prepped, created, fitted and completed within just a couple of hours in a single visit.

The Procedure

1] During your visit to Art De Dente, the affected tooth is first prepared for treatment. Any decayed tooth material, including material from an old tooth filling, is removed and the tooth is cleaned.

2] An electronic 3D scan is taken of the area using the CEREC® blue-light camera. This 3D scan image is then used to design and create a ceramic restoration for your tooth. Using the CEREC® machine the ceramic restoration is created quickly and efficiently.

3] Once ready the Ceramic restoration is applied to the tooth and polished to look and feel natural. And all this is done in about an hour of your visit.

Advantages of CEREC®

1] CEREC® restorations give teeth greater strength and stability and are completely natural in their appearance. This material is closest to the natural aesthetics of teeth enamel than any material previously used.

2] Ceramic has superior strength and durability, which makes it long lasting and value for your money.

3] CEREC® restorations are also far more natural looking when compared to composite resin. And you can get this entire procedure done in just a single visit, thus eliminating multiple visits and temporary fillings.

Ceramic Restorations created using CEREC® technology include:
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Inlays
  • Onlays

Interest Free Payments

We offer a range of interest free payment plans and also accept a range of payment options including Cash, EFTPOS, Cheque, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, HIPCAPS and Mediplan.