Dental Fillings

Dental fillings or composite fillings can easily fix cracked or decaying teeth in a single visit with your dentist.

Dental Fillings

A dental filling is the process of restoring a tooth using different types of material. A dental filling or dental restoration can restore a tooth that has been affected due to decay or a crack. Your dentist will remove and clean the decayed or cracked portion of the tooth and fill it with a 'composite filling'. These composite fillings are tooth coloured and their color can be matched to the colour of your healthy teeth, leaving no trace of any kind of colour mismatch or decay.

Is the process of fixing a composite dental filling complicated?

Composite fillings can be fixed in a single visit. Your dentist will first clean your tooth of any decay, once your tooth has been made numb. After cleaning and preparing the tooth the new filling is placed with care and precision. It is then polished and shaped to make it look like the original tooth.

Care is taken to ensure that the colour of the filling matches the colour of the adjacent teeth to give you a natural smile. You may feel heightened sensitivity to cold or hot with your new filling and this is a normal reaction. This sensitivity will subside as your tooth adapts to its new filling.

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