Root Canal Treatments

A 'Root Canal' treatment can relieve you of painful toothache and more importantly also save your tooth.

Root Canal Treatments

There was a time when a tooth with an infected nerve meant you had to lose that tooth. The term root canal is terrifying to most people, but in reality this treatment can be pain free and helps in saving your tooth.

A tooth has 3 different layers. The outermost layer is the hardest layer called the 'Enamel'. The 2nd layer is called the 'Dentin'. The 3rd and innermost layer is the pulp. This is a space where the live tissue and nerve of the tooth is situated. When your tooth aches, it could be because the nerve inside your tooth has been affected. This can happen when a cavity in your tooth has become deep enough that it has reached the nerve and live tissue. Bacteria can now travel through this cavity and reach the nerve causing pain and discomfort. If left untreated, this can cause severe infection resulting in an abscess and you could lose the tooth.

How does the Root Canal treatment work?

A Root Canal treatment can involve between one to three visits to your dentist, depending on the extent of the infection in your tooth. During a root canal treatment, your dentist will go into the pulp space of your infected tooth and remove any infected tissue or pulp. The pulp space is then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This space is then sealed shut with special materials.

Once the Root Canal treatment is complete your dentist will fix a 'crown' on the tooth to strengthen it and prevent any further damage. With regular care or your rejuvenated tooth, it can last you a lifetime.

Interest Free Payments

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