CEREC® Dentistry

CEREC® Dentistry involves the use of sophisticated hardware/software that includes a 3D imaging system, infrared camera & a tooth milling system.

What is CEREC® Dentistry?

CEREC® is the acronym for 'Ceramic Reconstruction'. CEREC® is a computer system that is used to replace a damaged or missing tooth. Using this technology we can create a Ceramic tooth which looks and feels like your natural tooth right down to its color.

The CEREC® system consists of an imaging system with an infrared camera and a tooth milling unit. Using a combination of high-end hardware and software we can create and replace your damaged or missing tooth to a perfect fit.

What is the advantage of using CEREC®?

The advantage of using the CEREC® system is that we don't need to take any impressions and you will not need a temporary restoration or cap. This means you do not have to wait for days for your tooth to be fabricated in some lab. The CEREC® system reduces time while giving you a perfectly fitting, natural looking tooth.

Interest Free Payments

We offer a range of interest free payment plans and also accept a range of payment options including Cash, EFTPOS, Cheque, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, HIPCAPS and Mediplan.