OPG-Lat Ceph

Dental X-Ray – OPG (Orthopantomogram) and Lat Ceph (Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph)

OPG-Lat Ceph

The OPG or Orthopantomogram is a special type of dental X-ray. It can provide a panoramic view of your mouth with the upper and lower jawbones and the teeth on a single film. It can also show the position and the growth of all the teeth, which includes teeth that have not yet fully erupted. These X-rays are also used to diagnose problems with your jawbone and the joint which connects it to your head.

The Lat-Ceph shows a side view or lateral view of the face. The Lat-Ceph can show your facial contours and bones in profile view.

We recommend the Lat-Ceph X-ray especially in the diagnosis and the treatment of various orthodontic conditions.

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