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7 Reasons Why Invisalign is the Leading Orthodontic Treatment

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Invisalign

7 reasons why invisalign is the leading orthodontic treatment

Many people today strive to have a stunning smile with perfect alignment. Fortunately, teeth straightening is now simpler than ever, thanks to modern orthodontic techniques.

Consider these seven advantages of Invisalign if you’re thinking about getting braces.

#1. Produces comparable results to traditional metal braces

Surprisingly, the teeth-moving method used by Invisalign treatment is identical to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign aligners apply the same pressure to the teeth as traditional metal braces do with brackets and wires.

Patients who use Invisalign will progress to the next aligner rather than tightening the archwire.

Invisalign also has comparable retention rates after treatment compared to traditional metal braces.

#2. Treats most alignment issues

With Invisalign clear braces, various tooth alignment issues can be successfully treated.

They range from a few out-of-place or misaligned teeth to more severe conditions like malocclusion, overbites, and underbites. Elastics, in conjunction with Invisalign aligners, makes addressing more challenging dental issues easier.

The most frequent problems that Invisalign braces correct include gaps between teeth, overbites, underbites, and open bites.

Other problems that can be fixed include crossbites and tooth crowding.

#3. Almost invisible

As implied by their name, Invisalign aligners are almost undetectable. This is because they are made of a transparent, thin material that tightly clings to the teeth.

Many appreciate how much more discrete Invisalign orthodontic treatment is compared to metal braces.

#4. Comfortable

Braces made of metal are typically painful. Everyone dislikes them, and the majority of people had them as children.

Kids experience things differently because they’re used to growing pains and because they can talk with shiny metal in their mouths.

Adults can’t take time off from work to deal with the pain and discomfort that braces cause because they have to dress professionally for work.

Additionally, using traditional braces could endanger the soft tissues in your mouth.

Invisalign clear aligners are the best choice because they are much gentler on your teeth and gums than other options.

Instead of rigid metal, you receive personalised invisible aligners made of soft plastic. In your mouth, you’ll always feel much more secure.

Your teeth will move gradually with customised aligners as opposed to traditional braces. So that you can get the best Invisalign treatment, this lessens your discomfort.

#5. Time-saving

You can save time and simplify treatment with Invisalign.

First off, compared to the typical length of a braces treatment, Invisalign treatments typically last 12 to 18 months. However, the duration of your treatment may vary based on your specific circumstances.

You can also save time with Invisalign because it requires less time in the dental chair. Invisalign requires fewer dental visits because no adjustments are needed, and the ones it does necessitate are typically brief.

#6. Fewer orthodontic visits

Your tooth structure will be considered when your clear aligners are designed. This guarantees that you achieve your goals and feel better about your appearance.

One of the best justifications for choosing Invisalign is the fact that you won’t need to keep going to the dentist to have them tightened or adjusted. Because a filling is made specifically for your mouth, you don’t need to visit the dentist every time you get one.

#7. Simple dental hygiene routine

When you have braces, it can occasionally be challenging to brush your teeth thoroughly. Food can get stuck in hard-to-reach places; if those spots aren’t cleaned thoroughly, they can contribute to bad dental hygiene. However, Invisalign aligners are simple to wash and remove.

Because Invisalign is removable, you won’t have to worry about brushing or flossing in the spaces between brackets and wires. By being able to brush and floss as usual, long-term oral health protection can be significantly increased.

Your experience with Invisalign doesn’t end once your treatment is complete and your smile is where you want it to be. The retainers will assist you in preserving your results, safeguarding your Invisalign investment, and preserving your straight teeth for life.

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