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Vaping and Gum Disease

Vaping and Its Link to Gum Disease

Vaping and Gum Disease Melbourne CBD

Over the last several years, vaping has been increasingly popular. Many people consider it to be a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

vaping and gum disease melbourne cbd

It is believed that by using e-cigarettes, people will avoid many of the health risks connected with regular tobacco cigarettes.

As a result, you’d think that dentists would be ecstatic at the possibility of something that lowers cigarette usage. Cigarettes are well-known for causing various oral health issues, the most prominent of which is discolouration and gum disease.

While vaping may be ‘healthier’ than smoking, it is by no means healthy. Evidence reveals that vaping and periodontal disease are closely linked.

What Harm Does Vaping Cause to Your Oral Health?

what harm does vaping cause to your oral health melbourne cbd

The three primary constituents in e-liquids are the source of most of the concerns:

1. Propylene glycol (PG)

The primary aim of PG is to serve as an e-liquid carrier. It has no taste and odour, and it’s utilized in a wide range of items in the food business.

The issue is that when vaping, it is immediately consumed via the mouth. Propionaldehyde, lactic acid, and acetic acid will be formed due to this reaction. All of these factors influence your dental health! They’ve been proven to eat away at the enamel and soft tissues of the mouth.

As a result, PG can cause gum problems and perhaps lead to cavity formation. It’s also been discovered that it can induce dry mouth, which is undesirable since it makes cavities more likely.

2. Vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavourings

When used alone, VG isn’t all that harmful. It’s a sweet beverage, but it won’t give you cavities. The problem is that VG is mixed together with various flavours to improve vape juice taste.

VG and flavourings result in a significant increase in microbial adherence to enamel and biofilm development. Research published in 2018 discovered this and the fact that enamel hardness had fallen by 27%.

This combination, in effect, results in more bacteria in the mouth, thinner enamel, and the ideal breeding environment for cavities.

3. Nicotine

A substance contained in traditional cigarettes. Many people are aware of the impacts of nicotine on dental health. It can essentially stop blood from flowing to the gum tissue, leading to gum disease. Tooth loss due to severe periodontitis has been related to excessive nicotine usage. Although nicotine in e-cigarettes is much lower, it is still enough to create issues.

The substances in e-liquids raise the risk of tooth decay, leading to cavities in the mouth.

Periodontal disease is also linked to regular vaping. Nicotine is still the main offender, but VG and PG are also to blame.

Using these chemicals in your mouth is ultimately not a smart idea since it can cause gums to shrink and bleed, causing teeth to fall out.

Gum Disease Dangers

gum disease dangers melbourne cbd

All oral health problems are severe. The primary hazard is that your gums will start to deteriorate over time. They gradually recede until the roots of your teeth are exposed.

This affects the supporting structures of your teeth, making tooth loss more likely. On the other hand, gum disease is one of the most difficult problems since it typically stays untreated.

Gum disease, thankfully, may be treated and its consequences reversed. It’s as simple as avoiding poor habits and adhering to a regular dental hygiene regimen. A trained periodontist can also help you with periodontal disease treatment.

home care tips melbourne cbd

Home Care Tips

Vaping can harm your teeth, mouth, and gums in the long run. Dry mouth, which can contribute to tooth damage, gum disease, and bad breath, is increased when teeth are exposed to vaping aerosol.

It’s critical to take after your teeth and gums if you vape:

  • After you vape, drink water to avoid a dry mouth and unpleasant breath.
  • Regularly see your Melbourne CBD dentist to ensure early diagnosis and treatment of any underlying dental issues. If you’ve been vaping, make sure to inform your dentist.

Vaping and Gum Disease in Melbourne CBD

Art De Dente has numerous preventative and restorative dental procedures to maintain your mouth healthy. We use the latest dental equipment to keep track of the health of your teeth and gums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vaping?
The act of using e-cigarettes is referred to as vaping. An e-cigarette is, in essence, an electronic counterpart of a traditional tobacco cigarette.
What are the harmful effects of Vaping?

Gingivitis and periodontitis are caused by nicotine from vaping. Bleeding gums and foul breath are early indicators. Because nicotine is a muscle stimulant, vaping can exacerbate problems such as bruxism (tooth grinding).