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Bone Grafting


Bone Grafting Melbourne CBD

Bone grafting is the process of repairing the bone mass of a patient’s jaw. It is used to supplement inadequate bone structure, which may have been caused due to an injury, disease or tooth extraction.

Bone Grafting Melbourne CBD

It is common to lose a tooth to injury, gum disease or unavoidable tooth extraction.

The jawbone associated with missing teeth can disintegrate over time, which leaves the jawbone in poor condition. This can cause a problem if you need to get a dental implant.

A patient with poor quality or inadequate bone structure is not the ideal candidate for a dental implant.

A dental implant requires a strong bone structure to hold the implant firmly in its place.

Why It’s Done

Besides dental implants, major bone grafts may be necessary to correct a defective jaw that is the result of a serious injury, disease or some form of birth defect.

Your dentist can repair extensive defects by using your own bone, which could be harvested from the hip and knee, depending on the size required.

Bone grafts are also performed to restore the bone in the posterior upper jaw. This is necessary when there is bone degeneration between the upper jaw and the Sinus.

A procedure called ‘Guided Bone Regeneration’ or ‘Guided Tissue Regeneration’ is performed where your dentist will use a special membrane, which dissolves under your gum and also aid in bone regeneration.

Another important procedure associated with thin Sinus walls is called the ‘Sinus Graft’ or ‘Sinus Lift Graft’ procedure.

Bone Grafting in Melbourne CBD

Finding your perfect smile shouldn’t be difficult. And receiving dental implants is one way to do so. But before receiving dental implants, consult with your dentist to know if you need a bone graft or other preparations for the implants.

Your Melbourne CBD dentist at Art De Dente will work closely with you to find the perfect treatment plan for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dental bone graft?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure used to add bone material to the jawbone before receiving a dental implant.

Why would I need this procedure before getting a dental implant?
Dental implants should last a lifetime. It needs to fuse well to your jawbone.

If you have insufficient bone mass, the chance for success with dental implants won’t be as high as it should be.