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Dental Check-ups

Why a Regular Dental Check-Up is Important

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Dental Check-ups Melbourne CBD

Dental check-ups help your Melbourne CBD dentist find out if you have dental problems and help maintain your oral health.

Visit your Melbourne CBD dentist twice a year, depending on the health of your teeth and gums.

At your visit to Art De Dente Melbourne CBD, you will receive an in-depth examination of your mouth, neck, and face, a professional scale and clean, and a discussion of your dental health condition.

Comprehensive Dental Examination

Your Melbourne CBD dentist will examine your teeth and gums for symptoms of decay and gum disease. Your bite and jaw alignment will also be checked.

Dental X-rays and other diagnostic procedures may also be done by your Melbourne CBD dentist.

During the examination, your Melbourne CBD dentist will ask about your lifestyle, diet, and oral hygiene routine.

Your Melbourne CBD dentist will also ask about any health problems you have and any medications you’re taking.

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At this part of the check-up, your Melbourne CBD dentist will discuss the results of your exam, the effects of your current medications, and proper oral care.

If there’s a need for treatment, options will be discussed with you.

At Art De Dente Melbourne CBD, we are more than happy to give you all the dental advice you need.

Professional Dental Cleaning

A professional dental clean removes stubborn plaque build-up from your teeth. During the cleaning procedure, your Melbourne CBD dentist will use specialised tools to remove plaque build-up. This process is called scaling.

When scaling is done, your teeth will be buffed and polished.

The final step is flossing. This is to make sure there is no debris in the areas between your teeth and under the gumline.

Scheduling Next Visit

Depending on the need for a follow-up check-up, your Melbourne CBD dentist will recommend you come back for continued care.

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Dental Check-ups in Melbourne CBD

Art De Dente Melbourne CBD provides a wide range of dental services that help in maintaining oral health and preventing dental problems.

To book your dental check-up in Melbourne CBD, call us on (03) 9642 8955 or request an appointment online.

We are located at Level 17, 190 Queen Street in Melbourne CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are dental visits so important?
Regular dental visits are important as they help detect dental health problems early. They also help prevent many problems from further development.

Visiting your Melbourne CBD dentist regularly is also important because some diseases have symptoms that can appear in the mouth.

What happens during a dental check-up?

Your dentist will ask about your medical history, examine your mouth and decide whether or not you need X-rays.

Your Melbourne CBD dentist will evaluate your overall dental health and conduct an oral cancer screening, checking your whole mouth and your jaw and neck.

How often do I need to go to the dentist?

There is no one-size-fits-all to dental treatments. Some patients may need to visit the dentist at least once or twice a year; others may need more visits. Visit your Melbourne CBD to know when you should be back for your dental check-up.