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Penthrox Melbourne CBD

Penthrox is a medicine that is used to reduce pain. It is inhaled through a custom-built Penthrox inhaler and usually starts working within 6-10 breaths.

Penthrox eliminates both the fear of needles and pain because it can be inhaled and start to work almost immediately. One 3 mL bottle of Penthrox provides approximately 20-25 minutes of no pain.

Penthrox Melbourne CBD

Penthrox is a clear, almost colourless liquid with a characteristic fruity smell that becomes a vapour or gas easily once it has been poured Into the Penthrox inhaler.

It is a safe, convenient and effective means of providing pain relief to patients.

With 30 years of use within Australia, Penthrox is commonly referred to as the “first line” in pain management.

Art De Dente provides all aspects of Sedation dentistry care for different types of dental treatments to all patients at our Melbourne CBD office.

How Does It Work?

With Penthrox, you are in control of the amount of pain relief that you need. Breathe through the mouthpiece, initially ensuring that the “dilutor” hole of the AC Chamber is not covered.

To make sure that you are used to taking in the Penthrox, your first few breaths should be gentle.

You can breathe out through a chamber attached to the inhaler, or you can breathe out through your nose, whichever makes you feel more comfortable.

Penthrox in Melbourne CBD

If you’re interested in finding Penthrox sedation dentistry prices with our dentists for your treatments, contact your Melbourne CBD dentist today!

We will advise and guide whether to use Penthrox for your next dental procedure.

Call us on (03) 9642 8955 or request an appointment online.

We are located at Level 17, 190 Queen Street in Melbourne CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Penthrox?
Penthrox is a form of inhalation sedation administered using a hand-held device. It helps us provide virtually pain-free dentistry and relieve anxiety.

The Penthrox inhaler is suitable for dental procedures that take up to one hour in duration and has a very rapid response. Only 6-8 breaths are needed for it to take effect.

The best part about this form of sedation is you have control over your own level of relief: all you need to do is inhale intermittently during the procedure.

How should I prepare if I opt for Penthrox?
If you choose to have Penthrox for your procedure, you will need someone to drive you to our Melbourne CBD practice and collect you after your procedure.

Do not drive a vehicle, operate heavy machinery or conduct important business decisions/matters for a 24- hour period after your procedure.