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Top 6 Reasons Dental Implants are the Best Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth due to gum disease, an injury, or extraction, a few different replacement options can restore your smile. However, many more advantages make dental implants perfect for restoring your beautiful smile.

Modern implant dentistry can help address missing teeth by replacing the tooth and surface with non-corrosive and durable replacement options.

Here are reasons why dental implants are the best tooth replacement choices:

#1. Dental implants are stronger and more durable than other tooth restorations

Dental implants are constructed from non-corrosive, durable materials and can tolerate even the highest temperatures and pressures.

If given the proper attention and maintenance, dental implants can last longer than any other type of conventional restoration.

#2. Dental implants last longer than other restorations

One of the main reasons to pick a dental implant is that it should last for at least 20 years.

Some patients’ implants will last the rest of their lives. The titanium posts serve as an effective root for the tooth.

The abutment and crown are resistant to wear and tear. With implants, the patient can consume most meals.

#3. Dental implants can be cared for like any other tooth, with daily brushing and flossing

A dental implant requires the same maintenance that your natural teeth do. You must floss and brush at least twice a day, but no special adhesives or creams are needed, as with dentures.

Periodontal disease can impair dental implants; thus, proper oral hygiene and frequent visits to the dentist are necessary.

Visiting your Melbourne dentist on a regular basis is the best defence against gum disease.

#4. Dental implants look and function like your natural teeth

Dental implants imitate natural teeth in appearance, feel, and functionality. Patients can also eat, drink, and engage in social activities without worrying that their dentures will slip out of their mouths thanks to implants.

#5. Dental implants keep the bone structure from deteriorating

Losing teeth will inevitably result in bone loss. The stimulation that the bone requires to stay healthy is continual; in the case of the jaw, the teeth provide that stimulation.

When a tooth is gone, the jawbone beneath it begins to deteriorate. By stabilising and fusing the jaw bone, a dental implant will stop this process from occurring. No other type of tooth replacement offers this clear advantage.

#6. Dental implants are more aesthetically pleasing than other tooth restorations

Dental implants are made to be visually appealing. The implant screw is concealed beneath your gum line and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Only your porcelain dental crown, which flawlessly matches your natural teeth, will be seen when you smile. Dental implants give the same feel and functioning as natural teeth.

After your dental implants have healed, they will feel like your natural teeth, making it simple to forget you ever had them!

Smiles in Melbourne CBD

Dental implants are primarily utilised for individuals who are missing one or more teeth.

Many people may find them to be a fantastic solution. Still, to be a candidate for this well-liked procedure, you must have healthy gums, no underlying disorders that might inhibit bone healing, and enough robust jawbone to support the implants.

If you’re worried about missing teeth and struggle to decide what restorations to get, visit your local Melbourne dentist.

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